trop long, et aucune mise à jour !

Désolé, je ne parle pas français bien. Anyway, we all have been very busy these last few weeks, and, sadly, not busy with Partisan, but with other more pressing issues like university applications, exams, and other studies.
HOWEVER that does not mean we have been entirely unproductive. There has been progress made with the tiles and with the menus, both of which i will show:

very much a test, many things unfinished and the tiles dont line up, but you can see how things begin to fit togather. we are still experimenting with different ways of creating the grid lines

there will be more to say later, but i do not want to give away secrets. also, i do not have my scanner working, so we must wait to show all of the drawings i have been working on. Also, the story has been developing, but for that, another time......