Character Spotlight I : Paris

This is not so much a production update as it is a teaser! Right now we are going to introduce one of many characters you will encounter on your voyage through Potager! Ever so often, we hope to spotlight additional characters for you.

Name : Paris Dupont
Age : 26
Hometown : Calypso Bay (Potager)

A gunsmith and expert markswoman, she was recognized quickly among the ranks of the Mechanist faction. After rising quickly through the ranks, she made captain even before the war began. There is nothing that the faction heads will not trust her with, and many tasks are hers exclusively.

Despite her skills, however, Paris is not of noble birth, hailing instead from the slums of Argyves, and as such is often unable to rise in station or pursue many diplomatic efforts. For this reason, she is all the more suited to work in the shop or in the field.

Paris will appear in a number of ways depending on your choices. She will make either a great ally or bitter rival.