Fil salvages Nate's Work

I am glad to say that Fil recovered the few quick sketches i had done for some of the monsters that might be in the game:

From top left :
·A small, aggressive dog-type creature which is all teeth and no brains. These little buggers will be a constant pest when travelling overland. Craftier ones hunt in large packs which will require a considerable amount of work to move past. Their resolve is low though, so once the pack begins to flee, your battle can be considered over.

·The pineowl, as previously discussed, will be a race of talking flightless birds which resemble a fruit. One of these will direct tutorials.

·The Bull-Fisher, a large weasely-type monster which hunts a variety of prey. These will occasionally be encountered as enemies, but for the most part they will chose to eat whatever is left rotting after battles rather than participate.

·The Langolor Tribal, an oversized rodent that lives in small burrough-tibes in the cliffs. They are among the few monsters who will use weapons and fight as intelligent warbands.

·A large dull-witted brute which is often found snuffling about in dark, wet areas like swamps in search of food. They are tough and easy to offend, but slow and also easy to scare. Like many of the monsters, these will be the sort that your men can send scurrying for cover instead of killing it.

·A concept discarded for it's resemblence to SotC monsters

·The Caleo Snake, a serpent that lives among trees and tall grasses. It has a mesmerizing stare and terrible venom. It's carcass is worthless so the only reason to kill it is to make sure that it does not kill you.

That is all for now, there will be more in the future to speak of :D

Fil continues his coding of the new editor functions, so we will have much to write about soon, with any luck.