The Artist speaks at last!

Hello, I am Nathan, or Adarias, the graphics artist making my first post in this development blog. I do not speak french, so i will try to keep my english easy to understand :)

Much is being done with the graphics for Partisan, but not all of it is ready to show. I can however show for the first time all 30 job types in all 4 directions. you will notice that those facing to the north are not wearing their hats; this is because I am lazy >.<>

click on the image to see all of them full-size.

Fil also has made a system for dynamic recoloring of sprites, allowing us to save much time and space while having a large variety of looks. Hair and skin now can change colors, and the uniforms as well, all with code. I am very happy, because this makes my job much faster ^^

that is all for today, but we will be sure to announce any progress as the days go on. i have much work to sprite animations and tile sets in my near future :P